Managing loosely-structured document-centric processes can be challenging. Finding all documents related to a particular process or “case” can be difficult. We often spend too much time chasing paper or trying to ensure that stakeholders have reviewed relevant content or completed necessary activities. Alfresco Workdesk provides a holistic, view of the lifecycle of a case, while also delivering relevant content in context to users based on their business roles. The Alfresco Workdesk case management solution enables efficient content creation, process management, deadline monitoring, reporting and archiving of cases of any kind. And it is has seamless integration with Alfresco’s rich and deep set of ECM capabilities.

Create new case file

Case files with a predefined structure are created at the push of a button. Simple integration with back-end systems allows data such as customer number, name and address to be checked and transferred to the case management software. Similarly, a new case number can be generated and will be automatically applied to all new documents related to a case.

Populate fields in MS Word documents with meta data

Tight integration with MS Office and other desktop apps make it easy to populate fields in MS Word documents, for example, with metadata – like the case number - from Alfresco’s case management solution. This is fast and convenient and assures data consistency.

Assign tasks to a whole case or to single documents

Tasks can be assigned to documents or to a whole case file, to single employees or whole departments.

Display tasks in case file, inbox, or search

All tasks are displayed in the appropriate case file or in personal or group inboxes. This makes them easy to find and helps ensure no deadlines are missed and that cases are acted upon at the proper time.

Display documents from different systems in one case file

Virtual folders in Alfresco Workdesk make it possible to combine documents from different ECM systems in a single case folder. This makes it easy for users to see all relevant documents at one time and can also be used to facilitate migrations from older, legacy ECM systems. Users can also define searches that will find documents from different systems.

Business-role management provides contextual case views

The sophisticated business-role concept of Alfresco Workdesk guarantees that a user gets only the functions and information he needs based on his role in the organization. For example, customer-care representatives can create new cases using templates while assessors see these cases in a folder “New Cases,” which provides them with a fast overview of all current activities. Additionally managers get views such as “Cases soon overdue” and “All cases of customer X” to help them take timely corrective actions.

Case Management Solution Benefits

  • Quick access to all documents and tasks in one single case file
  • Quick creation of new case files based on templates
  • Views of cases customized based on business-user role

Use cases

  • Loan origination
  • Claims processing
  • Claims assessment
  • Claims assessment

Great for

  • Insurances
  • Banks
  • Government
  • Human resources

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